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I'm fallin' in Love, Fallin in Love...

This Could be Danger~

23 June
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Bio... that means I have to write stuff about me don't I? Well SHIT...

The Name's Jessica. I work Security for Anime Conventions where ever I happen to be. <3 I figured it was time I did something new here in this little section, so here I go.

I was born on the 23 of June in '88. I love video games, anime, fantasy/romance books and cat boys.

I'm the right hand of the founder of The Sippy Cups O Doom. See website.

I'm also an upcoming cosplayer. As I'm finally getting into the fad. <3

Uhm... My mother, father, grandmother and grandfather are all dead and gone. I'm practically alone in this cruel, cruel world.

...That's All.

Last Updated: Tuesday, September Eighteenth, Two-Thousand Seven at Six: 'o Two AM.

....wow, that was odd to type.